Tuesday, 31 May 2016

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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

The Forbidden Vault Chap 3- Escape Artist


Soooooo I went with my friends to Escape Artist to play the forbidden vault chapt 3 - without playing chapters 1 and 2 cause the description for chapter 3 seemed the scariest. We went to the branch at Prinsep Sreet, that is into an alley on the right, facing mind's cafe if ya'll know where that is. Its on the same level as the pubs and there's some alley there. Then it's all the way in. Since it's PH so the price is $26.90 instead of $20.90 which is a pretty good deal since it's cheaper than escape hunt - that is $26 sth on normal days (but I haven't tried that). I heard a pretty good review of Escape Artist from my friend's sister so I was kind of expecting more from it than the previous ones that I have played in Xcape at Bugis Street, Break Out and Lockdown. For escape artist, there's no form to be signed like the rest and we could start playing immediately, like kind of since we waited for the room to be done.

For this room, we were given 2 torchlights and are brought into the room directly without blindfolding like Lockdown. This room has 2 and a half puzzles. One being the potions on the table that has to correspond with the readings on the wall - answer being white, blue, green, yellow, red. Then, read the scores on the left side of the wall (facing the potion table) under a portrait. The scores will have the corresponding colours of the potions and a sheet on how to read the scores is in a cupboard at the wall beside on the left of the potions. You will have to dig it since there are many props inside but don't destroy them :) Then you will be able to solve the alphabet lock on the box that is below the table with potions. After opening, you will get a hint about "... guards can be bribed with a Gold Bar, Opal, Emerald and Amethyst" if I did not remember wrongly. This proceeds to solve the next lock, the lock on the door. Above the cupboard, there is a poster with the different weights of the gold bars and what not, so just add the values of the stones together BUT the gold bar is A gold bar, but the poster shows 2 gold bars to be 2000g, so divide the value by 2 to get 1000g. I can't really remember the answer so.. :x OH and see the blue and yellow dice in the first room and the instructions on rolling the dice in the cupboard, keep that in check for the next room.

Upon entering the second room, there will be a poster on the left that says "black plus white = 8, blue plus red = 7" and whatnot, that's for the number lock on the small gate. Find the pieces of blocks around the room that are painted back, white, red, blue, yellow, green that will correspond to the poster as mentioned above. Then, using the blocks, stack them to form a number. The thinner sides of the wood will match and whatnot. I can't remember the numbers clearly.. PS :x (_6_9) that's all I can remember. OKAY then you will get this box inside the gate. Remember the dice? Roll the yellow and blue dice according the the instructions in the first room. You should get the number "9". Then in the second room, there will be a red and green dice. Roll each die to the corresponding instruction sheet of that colour, where the red die instructions is on the extreme end of the second room and the instructions for the green die is in the messy area in the second room, beside the poster you used to solve the number lock for the small gate. You should get "3" for red and "7" for green (ormaybe the opposite? I can't remember). Now you can unlock the box with "9973". Then, it will say "Get your hands all red inside" which refers to the 4 red tape thingy in the squashy space that you opened the small gate. Place 4 hands on the 4 red tapes and cover them fully. The are infra-red sensors and the door on the right will unlock.

In the third and final room, you get to escape! yay! okay so there will be a treasure chest that has like a circle of sensors. Solving the order to press is gets you out. In the treasure box, there will be 2 boxes, one iwth a key lock and one with a alphabet lock and 5 hints. The 5 hints are for the alphabet lock. The 5 hints are 4 being cardboard and 1 being an axe (that's hint 2). So hint 1 is "E", that says something about "being at the start and end of sth" and whatnot. Hint 2 is "X", like duh from axe. Hint 3 is to add up the number of the 2 alphabets to get the next one above it (a-1 b-2 c-3 etc) and you should get "U". Hint 4 is 5 animals (hare, squirrel, bear, hen and lastly owl) that gives you your letter "L" from owl. Hint 5 is plain random "FO?TFFSSEN" and the last letter is just "T". So you will get "EXULT". From there, you will get a key to unlock the other box in the treasure chest that give you some cloth with holes. Soooo turn around and see the words "I own the treasure myself" or something. Place the cloth over and you will see EENWS or so. Then look in the box, it tells you the order on how to press the sensors. Only NSEW matters to ignore the rest. You should get something like "WENES" and TADAH YOU ARE FREED.

Overall I felt that it was like so so, not much ambience and the puzzle was not as amazing or as surprising as I thought and the number thing with the wooden boards, I found it like kind of stupid tbh. Like the one in Lockdown had some cool magnet shit that when you get the right order of the rabbits, the key drops down at the bottom of the cabinet, xcape with the laser shit, where you have to guide the laser out to the last room using mirrors and we were like wtf -.-||| and Break Out had freaking good ambience that scared the shit out of me. Sooooo I'm not very impressed with Escape Artist and thought it was just mediocre :( But I only tried one of their rooms sooooo I can't say much for now! Can't judge them by one room.

Monday, 2 May 2016


Had so much fun with this bunch!! HAHAHAH YAY we escaped :D

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