Tuesday, 31 May 2016

fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fcuk you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you

go to hell 

i hate you fucker

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

The Forbidden Vault Chap 3- Escape Artist


Soooooo I went with my friends to Escape Artist to play the forbidden vault chapt 3 - without playing chapters 1 and 2 cause the description for chapter 3 seemed the scariest. We went to the branch at Prinsep Sreet, that is into an alley on the right, facing mind's cafe if ya'll know where that is. Its on the same level as the pubs and there's some alley there. Then it's all the way in. Since it's PH so the price is $26.90 instead of $20.90 which is a pretty good deal since it's cheaper than escape hunt - that is $26 sth on normal days (but I haven't tried that). I heard a pretty good review of Escape Artist from my friend's sister so I was kind of expecting more from it than the previous ones that I have played in Xcape at Bugis Street, Break Out and Lockdown. For escape artist, there's no form to be signed like the rest and we could start playing immediately, like kind of since we waited for the room to be done.

For this room, we were given 2 torchlights and are brought into the room directly without blindfolding like Lockdown. This room has 2 and a half puzzles. One being the potions on the table that has to correspond with the readings on the wall - answer being white, blue, green, yellow, red. Then, read the scores on the left side of the wall (facing the potion table) under a portrait. The scores will have the corresponding colours of the potions and a sheet on how to read the scores is in a cupboard at the wall beside on the left of the potions. You will have to dig it since there are many props inside but don't destroy them :) Then you will be able to solve the alphabet lock on the box that is below the table with potions. After opening, you will get a hint about "... guards can be bribed with a Gold Bar, Opal, Emerald and Amethyst" if I did not remember wrongly. This proceeds to solve the next lock, the lock on the door. Above the cupboard, there is a poster with the different weights of the gold bars and what not, so just add the values of the stones together BUT the gold bar is A gold bar, but the poster shows 2 gold bars to be 2000g, so divide the value by 2 to get 1000g. I can't really remember the answer so.. :x OH and see the blue and yellow dice in the first room and the instructions on rolling the dice in the cupboard, keep that in check for the next room.

Upon entering the second room, there will be a poster on the left that says "black plus white = 8, blue plus red = 7" and whatnot, that's for the number lock on the small gate. Find the pieces of blocks around the room that are painted back, white, red, blue, yellow, green that will correspond to the poster as mentioned above. Then, using the blocks, stack them to form a number. The thinner sides of the wood will match and whatnot. I can't remember the numbers clearly.. PS :x (_6_9) that's all I can remember. OKAY then you will get this box inside the gate. Remember the dice? Roll the yellow and blue dice according the the instructions in the first room. You should get the number "9". Then in the second room, there will be a red and green dice. Roll each die to the corresponding instruction sheet of that colour, where the red die instructions is on the extreme end of the second room and the instructions for the green die is in the messy area in the second room, beside the poster you used to solve the number lock for the small gate. You should get "3" for red and "7" for green (ormaybe the opposite? I can't remember). Now you can unlock the box with "9973". Then, it will say "Get your hands all red inside" which refers to the 4 red tape thingy in the squashy space that you opened the small gate. Place 4 hands on the 4 red tapes and cover them fully. The are infra-red sensors and the door on the right will unlock.

In the third and final room, you get to escape! yay! okay so there will be a treasure chest that has like a circle of sensors. Solving the order to press is gets you out. In the treasure box, there will be 2 boxes, one iwth a key lock and one with a alphabet lock and 5 hints. The 5 hints are for the alphabet lock. The 5 hints are 4 being cardboard and 1 being an axe (that's hint 2). So hint 1 is "E", that says something about "being at the start and end of sth" and whatnot. Hint 2 is "X", like duh from axe. Hint 3 is to add up the number of the 2 alphabets to get the next one above it (a-1 b-2 c-3 etc) and you should get "U". Hint 4 is 5 animals (hare, squirrel, bear, hen and lastly owl) that gives you your letter "L" from owl. Hint 5 is plain random "FO?TFFSSEN" and the last letter is just "T". So you will get "EXULT". From there, you will get a key to unlock the other box in the treasure chest that give you some cloth with holes. Soooo turn around and see the words "I own the treasure myself" or something. Place the cloth over and you will see EENWS or so. Then look in the box, it tells you the order on how to press the sensors. Only NSEW matters to ignore the rest. You should get something like "WENES" and TADAH YOU ARE FREED.

Overall I felt that it was like so so, not much ambience and the puzzle was not as amazing or as surprising as I thought and the number thing with the wooden boards, I found it like kind of stupid tbh. Like the one in Lockdown had some cool magnet shit that when you get the right order of the rabbits, the key drops down at the bottom of the cabinet, xcape with the laser shit, where you have to guide the laser out to the last room using mirrors and we were like wtf -.-||| and Break Out had freaking good ambience that scared the shit out of me. Sooooo I'm not very impressed with Escape Artist and thought it was just mediocre :( But I only tried one of their rooms sooooo I can't say much for now! Can't judge them by one room.

Monday, 2 May 2016


Had so much fun with this bunch!! HAHAHAH YAY we escaped :D

Thursday, 28 April 2016

"no i want you to tell me" but yea when i do i get like "oh you always feel like vomitting and giddy one waid. Anyway eh you know eggs come before chickens" yea right sure ill tell you 'every fucking thing' whats the point. Not like i want to feel like vomitting on purpose who told me to have pms that includes nausea, faint and fucking bad mood swings. Then give a damn? but no cause you are too busy 'studying' with your friends or doing things you like cause spending time with me is "a waste of time".

Sunday, 17 April 2016


Rekorderlig mango rasberry cider and strawberry lime cider! I like the strawberry and lime one more because the fruity taste is stronger and more delicious as compared to the other that is more blend. 

The famous knuckles from knuckles! The meat is so soft and it smells so good. It melts in your mouth. The skin is crispy and not too oily. 

The crispy wings are like so so. The skin is too thick and it tastes powdery. 

lat day of school

last day of school!!! :) 

gonna miss them so much next sem :( when ihaa is gonna go noc and wanling is going ia... 

and had presentation tooo so nervous and during my turn the bloody alarm rang omfg haish but oh welllz still not that bad i hope since they were amazed with the app 

Friday, 15 April 2016

tired af

Fuggggg damn tired today >. > like totally not enough sleep.... DAMN TIRED. even after napping for an hour, it's still insufficient omg save me T.T

I should be studying like now meow meow meow meow

Meeting was like okay today and all... I guess. Then yy was like hey vivek is doing alot of work and all also so basically her main pt is she told sports club she wants another vpd i guess hahahah then she gonna assign vivek. Yeap. cus i cant go fr meetings and i have class on weekdays till 9 yeap. then she told me no hard feelings and stuff and lets talk and shit but like whats the pt when things are alr decided. like if you wanna let go of things to let other ppl do and you want/like your way so much like no pt saying more then she will be like ya i unds BUT sth sth sth of her opinion then she will say he is not forcing it upon ppl its for the good of the camp then like okay lo cus reason is always by her side anyway.

Shitty ppl and shitty world. Fuck this shit. Everyone should just die. I want my alcohol.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Why is my fault that I feel like crying most of the time that i keep losing my appetite to eat that i cant control my tears that i just want to depend on someone. Im sorry for being weak and useless. Im sorry for bothering you. I wont do it anymore. 

Saturday, 19 March 2016


I dont fucking geddit like what make me go down today idk for fuck then ask me go home then make until i didnt do any fucking shit today and made me burnt some more. Then now dw reply then tmr dw eat lunch together but got so much fucking time gg around with this person that person and all. arent you fucking sleepy? go sleep lah then dw sleep tmr tell me all the bs abt being tired and fuck. i dun geddit. i cant stand this. Its so fucking annoying. then its like my fault again fir being pissed i dont get all yhe bs abt being busy when he is so fucking free. its like i dont even have to airplane mode him cus he wont reply anyway. 

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Annie's way mask

tryong this out today!! so far its like nobbad tou can really see the results. i have liks abit of scarring from pimples and its even lighter after one application of this XD 

and they have this compilation of how each bottle is like as well: 

and i also bought this 

Cus there's a 50% off second mask at SASA and SASA is having a 20% storewide offer! :) they are priced at $30 odd a bottle and $40 odd for the rose essence one cus it covers almost EVERYTHING in the array of stuff the mask can do.  

Tuesday, 8 March 2016


its like she's the project director then I'm the vice lah then i applied for intern in december then the prof damn late then reply me then by that time no more intern alr mah cus sch started alr then he send me say can give me intern while im in sch then i okay lo the he directed me to someone else. Then after all the hustle its actually a programme in school called DCP - design centric prog so i got in then i started to have lessons on monday and friday 6.30-8.30 but always ends at 9 plus then wed is 6-9pm. But the meetings are supposed to be on wed so means i cmi then she go change the date to monday then i say monday confirm cannot cus i got lecture i cannot dont go then like after going the first lesson i realise wed is like i have lecture until recess week like mid of semester break then after that i can go alr then she say cannot change cus more ppl can make it on monday which does not make sense cus like we told them meetings on wed then like friday also like abt the same amt of ppl can make it cus mon 18 fri 17 then fri she cannot then she say monday meeting. then after that like i helped her do the sports day man board and stuff like draw and all then like left the painting then she came then she down there the guy why dont look like life size one can redraw then i like wtf. Then in the end never lah but still? then paint that time she do damn bloody slow and she dont even know how to mix beige she mix brown then tell me body builders this colour it was fucking shit colour. Then i need help her mix then after that she paint that time she down there on must keep repainting the same spot bloody waste my time like seriously its not paper its those abit waterproff but can still paint and draw board those kind cannot keep repainting one if not will become white like the paint wont stay. then cus the girl i drew looked nicer then she want to paint that one then take pic and shit and stuff like she draw one then i like whatever lo
then after that she say what since i cant go meeting then she will get another vice not to replace me but cus i cant go meetings she need ppl to back her like idk she so scared of what. then like drag drag drag then now recently she like oh i appoint another vice. then say we talked it all out hope you unds and shit
if you are unhappy i cant help it but hope you unds
like wtf bitch since when did i have a choice or say you alr did everything
then now she make until i like never do anything then ask me work under another cell
then like i some sai kang is it
then everytime i ask her to let me do sth and stuff she like "oh dont need"
then she will complain say oh i need pay my own sch fees i need to teach 8 tuition classes i got this i got that like i didnt ask you to argue with your parents and shift out wiad cus of your bf and she is fucking rich then like what not like i never offered my help waid and i offered it so many times. then she just oh if i need ill say.
since when man did she say anything
then i do grant proposals she also want to check like seriously
idk what she want and she like fucking rude these days
 then she ask me do infopaper - some thingy to write up when you are organising a camp then alll teh stuff we discussed all with her then she expect me to write like from what memory arh or air then she say meet and do end up only i doing she sit there do her proj then i like wtf
fucking annoying idk wtf she wants man
and like cus lisa is like my sec/jc/uni friend she got diagnosed with anxiety issues and all lah so she like not joining temporarily and stuff
then idk why she have to always call my friend your best friend lisa
like fucking sarcastic
if not like oh you are seating with your best buddy like wtf you want
then she also sitting with her no voice vpd that wont oppose her de vivek wai do i say you are sitting iwth your pet vivek who agrees to every shit you say? i dont
like damn lame lah the chat is to discuss then she just down there say sth then the guy just oh yes we shld do this then she say sth else then he change his reply to add in what she said
then im just like
this is lame is this fucking communism
then like i have some idea to tie the camp theme and the camp
then she say she will show she never showed it
then make until i like never do shit
then she ask me meet her tmr
like what
why i need my bf to be there
i can fend for myself
forever telling ppl abt her quotes and 'inspirational' vids like those oh if you put in effort then can get some good results shit

"go fuck yourself" -ppnj 2016

so fucking pissed

fucking hell the bloody malay in guardian damn slow. still dare to show me a black face and stuff when i stood there and waited for like 10 mins and she didnt come fucking hell. 

Monday, 7 March 2016


Haish 2105 finally ended today for mid terms omg like i think i did it correctly? but like terence and dx and wl and ihaa all say diff things then im like... hahah idk shall trust in what i unds unlesssss.... HAHA then ill feel like dying lol. Theres still 3101 tmr omgggggggg but its so late alr:( all thanks to that stupid energy grp i dun get why they wanna talk to the teacher when they cant even decide on what they want like wtf seriously guys then like waste 1/2 plus discussing in the presence of a teacher like wtf assholes no EQ omg. And im famished. hahahah eating the amt i ate in JC. lol. dk if its a wise choice but i've been losing my appetite lately :( haish... xian ballz 
and omg i think yt is in korea alr cus now is march lol fuck is that why he no reply? hmmmm OH LOL never sent -.-ll lame 



Saturday, 5 March 2016

to infinity and beyond

decorated my ceiling with some constellations so that when i lie on my bed i can reach out for the stars hahhaahah

stuff ash gave me hahahahha thanks man! although we never met and i didnt do much for yall too thanks for being the only one who was appreciative and encouraging :) 
the world shld have more of such people cus this world is fucked up. 

Friday, 4 March 2016

clearing my room

i cleared my stufff yeappp this is called clearing my stuff 

toysss :) 

aaaaa.... dare...... 


repaired chye you's tightsssssss. i wanted to just use the sock cloth thingy for all the holes but like the tights will melt with heat but i need heat to apply the cloth thingy sooooo ended up having to sew the other 2 holes with my sloppishbsewing LOL. haven't been sewing for too long -.-lll looks like shit OH WELLZ 

Need to study for mle 2104!!!!!!! couldn't do one qns :( sadness sobs sobs :( i could do so much more in recess week :( 
Gonna wake up early to mug!!! 


the reason why this person doenst have enough time to study >_> cus he is watching dramas instead of studying TSK 

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

that random rose

that random rose in lecture that we just keep playing with cus we got bored in lect HAHAHAH 

then roy was like "Hey bernadette, this is a rose for you" *throws that thing onto my hair* ASSHOLE TSK 

Sunday, 28 February 2016

twinkle toes

name: twinkle toes :) 
dob: 12 may
owner: me :) 


omg so tired and bored today >< slept at like 9am? lol then woke up at 1 plus 1.30 ish omd damn shag T.T then i wanted to study?? but like too shag then i started packing my room after lunch and studied abit i guess... then went to tkd but damn bored today lol then i had this wrap thingy for dinner but its super salty and now im like sneezing like mad T.T meow 
with jolly shandy (y) 

and i pasted my bunny tat yay! so cute bunnyz 


OMG Arrow is getting annoying he is like "oh i love you (laurel) and you (samantha) and you (sara) and you (a billion other ppl) and you (felicity)" like dude nake up your mind TSK so annoying im like there like awwwwww gonna be tgt and shit then he is like nope! movin onnnnn SO ANNOYING gosh but well its still a good movie and all. AND he is so annoying keep on oh i cannot but dude you confirm can one then down there zi bao zi qi then need someone to "OH you can do it!" then he will "okay!" then he does it -.-lll like dude TSK omg

Tomb Raider

YAY finished tomb raider!!

Total play time: 12.4 hours



Why is she not using her brain moments
(aka not being able to kill enemy at blindspots like through holes of crates etc): 1/4 of it

- her being skewered
- so many buttons to press omg really damn a lot
- fighting an ARMY FUCK
- Himeko (her skin.... *****)

What I like to use: BOWS AND ARROWS
- higher accuracy
- headshots YAY
- silent kill

Surprise surprise! More cooler stuff i thought was useless:
RIFLE: IT THROWS USELESS GRENATES WITH SUCH A SMALL AOA -.- BUT shoots bloody fast like a machine gun but dm less than pistol and accuracy lower than pistol -.- BUT good for fighting ONI


Saturday, 27 February 2016


went swimming today with jiaqi at sk swimming complex! THE SLIDES ARE SO FUN AND SCARY XD still cannot swim :( HAHA too noobs

then dinnz and sim lim square with chye you and and and GUDETAMA!!!!! 
<3 XD

I GOT 2 AND 7!!! <3 <3

and and and
meow hahahahah got a mysterious cute thingy on my arm and like i dun like being alone in my room or at home these days :( get scry thoughts and dreams :( meow.. mum faster come home :( chyeeeeee.......... you............

Thursday, 25 February 2016



idk why blogger cant sense my new vids and photos >.> 
HAISH SO NO VID BUT THIS IS DAMN CUTE its like a legit BB-8 from star wars!! <3 DAMN CUTE


Played like more of tomb raider on steam today. It's like some bloody horror adventure game with gore! like weird cult people and bloody and omggg 

and indont geddit why cant she just shoot the cult leader but has to aim his minions THAT GUY FREAKS ME OUT PLS GET HIM OUT OF THE GAME OMG TT 

the game is damn good testing your reflexes and keeping you on your toes but IM SO FREAKED OUT SCARES THE SHIT OUT OF ME T.T meow 

I need ppl to like be sharing screen and talking to menbefore i play it if not im like fuck fuck fuck *sobs* T.T 

cant believe i played it till 4am :( i was supposed to watch 3101 webacast damn it 

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

mani-pedi at homeeee

new nails!! blue water style hahahhhaha mum painted the cute ship thingy 

pardon the scared feet but hahahaha BLOP BLOP 

Tuesday, 23 February 2016


Haish eating ice cream without me >.> CHEH

But... I have fuo tiao qiang with like friggi salty abalone yay (y)

Monday, 22 February 2016


Coming to school for meeting and consult for like almost the whole module LOLOLOLOL

Saturday, 20 February 2016


hhahaha SO FUCKING PAIN omg

Then chye you came and slept loll

Friday, 19 February 2016


WOOHOOO yummy crabs XD

AND HI NIKE :) meeting chye you for the first time HAHAHAA aww nike is so cute but smelly but still CUTE ^^~~


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