Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Fun day out with Andrea!

I wanted to collect the postage I missed ytd but lol I could only collect it from 2-5 Cus collection is after 2 in the teeny weeny prints.... -.-

So I went starbucks to read my story book!! Twins of evil! It's quite interesting hahaha! Half way through the book now! Frieda's really interesting and a has a mysterious personality haha!! Maria is like an angel and karnstein is like weirdly twisted and perverted lol... Weil's overly superstitious in a bad way... In a too gory and brutal way... 

Then I went queens town shopping centre for my hair treatment ten I had to pay like extra $18 for some hair machine idk what thing lol above the $18 coupon I bought but well at least it has some difference now my hair looks better.. I guess. But the lady is damn nice! She's so sweet hahah! I'll go there next time to do my hair 

Then I met Andrea and her social enterprise team I think haha! They are all so sweet and nice to talk to! Very personable people and are very kind haha! ^^ excited for sidewalk gallery cafe~~~ and Muay Thai camp with Andrea!!! (≧∇≦)

Then we went snow city. It's like pathetically small.. LOLOL then we slid down the slide thingy 2 times then hid in the vae care like thing most of the time to have heart to heart talk then a reindeer mascot was there and the mascot called us out to take a photo with him and te reindeer kept holding my hand! So cute!! Haha!! Then we left alr Cus too cold omg hahahahahahha freaking cold 

After that we played outside science centre DAMN FUN I TELL YOU ITS DAMN FUN ITS FREE AND FUN AND COOL AND EDUCATIONAL hahahhaah like the ball thingy the what higher cg to lower cg even though the metal spiral is going up but the treks widen, the sound disc abt sound being parallel damn cool, Archimedes screw where water flows up instead of down and many many more!!! Damn cool!! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

Pic with my favorite rexy!!! 
The pic above is fully made out of all the car parts like a transformer!!!! But this is an actual sculpture using like really all the car parts to 'transform' it's so amazing!!!

Then we went Jem to grab Andrea's dinner and briefly looked at the stores that were there. It's like a mini orchard area!! Haha! It can totally function on its own as an island... Haha! 

Home sweet home after that!! ~~ so it's back to reading a few more chapters and putting on a mask to dote on myself during the holiday~~~~ before camps start haha! Omg totally gonna loose weight YESH or maybe gain muscle mass hmmmm hahaha! (=゚ω゚)ノ

Day out with mum and dad

went out with mum and dad today to city square mall!! Then we were like marching and marching and marching... then starved... haish.. oh but i reaped alot of stuff from daiso! and dad paid whoots!! so i got alot of clay stuff to make more miniatures!! Then we went kinokuniya to search for what dad wants some book with samurai pics and amours and idk what but lol nah they dont exist cus he didnt want a single word but the books have write ups on the amours and all. So i bought 2 horror books!! The Asylum and Twins of evil. I want Warm bodies and the woman in black too!!! I shall buy them when i find my $20 voucher hahahha! so excited to read them~~ over coffee or tea or wine :P

Sunday, 28 December 2014


I literally dug out the freakjng guitar and tried to tune it but the guitar is freakjng off then I tried learning cords but fail... Lololololol I suck! (。-_-。) Haish.... And I wonder when I'll get married man I want to get married by 24/25 so that I can travel the world with my future husband!! >< hopefully someone actually wants me hahahahaha Cus I suck lol

Pink hair~~


WOOHOO!!! Hence the selfie time Hahahahha 

Going crazy at night.... Hahahahahha 

Miniature sundae~~

Say Nom to my miniature!! WOOHOOO!!! Looks damn cool! So happy!!!! And excited! To add the sundae syrup!! ^^ I'm gonna add choco syrup 

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Late night movie

Gonna go for my late night movie on Saturdays as usual!! My nose is like a tap... Lolol... So cold.... And oh! Yay! I got in the Muay Thai camp with Andrea!!  So happy!!! ^^ HAHAHAHAHA 
#ootd for today~~~ 

Ohoh and the cold storage macaroons... I think the last year's one is nicer this year's one has a very thick layer of cream which isn't very nice... But it's quite cool Cus there's choco inside 

Puzzle time hajimaru yo!

My puzzle time!!!! Doing what you love brings you away from sorrow but closer to your heart <3 

Life is like a puzzle 
you'll meet all kids of people
nobody is perfect 
we've got strengths 
and weaknesses 
some are stronger 
some are not but that's okay
some just don't 'click'
for some, they just needed a change in perspective 
and sometimes, you just need to realize things are not meant to be 
some can get along with only a couple of people
some even more 
you'll meet all kinds of people and it would be a mess of you don't know whom to mix with but if you do it all fits perfectly 

That's why I love puzzles!! (o^^o)

Friday, 26 December 2014


Finding my love to give her her Christmas present! Cus she has work :( so sad... Christmas without Jiaqi isn't christmas... :( 

Christmas morning

Giving Si hui a make over!!! Curling her hair and tying and make up and Lisa painted her nails pink!! Hahahaha bet Si hui's like terrified and horrified and got scared by us... Hahahha but... We love you girl! 

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Pre Christmas

Woohoo! Went to a random party and drank with strangers Cus my friend came like 4 hours plus later... HAHAHHAHA!
But still it was damn fun!!  The people are nice and funny and wow really drank damn a lot hahhahaha still damn fun!!! XD I hope this party will happen again!! And the food was nice too and the kitten was so cute!! ^^ 
Oohhh and singing while playing on the guitar is damn cool Hahahahha and he's voice was nice too! Damn amazing omg so tempted to learn guitar too hahahhaahha

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas cookies

Baking Christmas cookies!!! ^^ Cus I haven't baked in so long Cus I was sad but now I'll bake again Cus I've decided to be myself LOLOL it's a complicated thingy hahahahhaha 

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Ninja bear

Cute prezzie for yt Hahahah Cus he loves purple and I decided to make him a ninja bear that doesn't look that ninja somehow lololol but admit it it's cute Hahahahah 

Monday, 22 December 2014


Cus my shirt is cute and my pants are cool and I like selfies a lot and I can't post them all on insta so I post them on my blog :P 

Crocodile teeth goes hop hop hop cuzzzzz THEY ARE BUNNIES 

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Shoe painting~~

Look and be amazed at my shoes!!! Hahhahahaha pretty right??? Hahahahhaa just admit it loving the angel wings~~~ it's not done though it's like 1% angel then 99% devil Hahahahha 


My gory eyes are finally here!! Hoots! HAHAHAHAHA like qiu qiu's one!! So happy~~~ 

Friday, 19 December 2014


I starved the whole day for ice cream buffettttttt
Ice cream!! 
Cotton candy 
Not too sweet and it's yummy 
Must like Horlicks but in ice cream form 
Matcha (eat alr then remember to take pic) 
Strawberry cheese 
Pretty PINKKKKKK! Very rich taste and yummy 
Totally filled my stomach 

Gg to full liao

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Day out with Von

Selfie session before going out Cus I curled my hair and I'm excited! XD 
gonna meet Von today!! And here's her Christmas prezzie belowz

Selfie session again Cus I love this maxi dress from H&M but I won't use it so I didn't buy it but I really love it 

Fun day out with her!! Hahahah we talked a lot like really damn a lot and had a fun time!!

Gingy bread man

Making gingy for Von!!! 

Tadah!!!! The final product! XD 

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Bernice's house!

went to Bernice's house today!!! So long since I've been there!! And I met her dog jingles!! Who broke my necklace :( so sad my fav necklace :( but anyways he's damn cute he just runs and runs then plops and sits there! 
Us being chefs for lunch! 

Step 1: add the egg 
Step 2: add the ham 
Step 3: add the cheese 
Step 4: add the cut out bread 
Step 5: flip 
(p.s. Sorry for lack of pic from step 2-4 >< busy cooking) 

The two random stuff there are bread drizzled with honey inside, and a banana wrapped inside XD YUMMY! 

Then we watched a horror film quite good!! Not bad haha!! Called horror stories 2 I think it's a korean movie. Nice! XD 

Then it was crazy love story or sth a Thai film!! Damn nice too but reminded me of my unhappy relationship.. :( then I started emoing the whole day.. Haha! Oh wells 

My ootd!!! XD 

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