Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Bernice's house!

went to Bernice's house today!!! So long since I've been there!! And I met her dog jingles!! Who broke my necklace :( so sad my fav necklace :( but anyways he's damn cute he just runs and runs then plops and sits there! 
Us being chefs for lunch! 

Step 1: add the egg 
Step 2: add the ham 
Step 3: add the cheese 
Step 4: add the cut out bread 
Step 5: flip 
(p.s. Sorry for lack of pic from step 2-4 >< busy cooking) 

The two random stuff there are bread drizzled with honey inside, and a banana wrapped inside XD YUMMY! 

Then we watched a horror film quite good!! Not bad haha!! Called horror stories 2 I think it's a korean movie. Nice! XD 

Then it was crazy love story or sth a Thai film!! Damn nice too but reminded me of my unhappy relationship.. :( then I started emoing the whole day.. Haha! Oh wells 

My ootd!!! XD 


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