Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Day out with mum and dad

went out with mum and dad today to city square mall!! Then we were like marching and marching and marching... then starved... haish.. oh but i reaped alot of stuff from daiso! and dad paid whoots!! so i got alot of clay stuff to make more miniatures!! Then we went kinokuniya to search for what dad wants some book with samurai pics and amours and idk what but lol nah they dont exist cus he didnt want a single word but the books have write ups on the amours and all. So i bought 2 horror books!! The Asylum and Twins of evil. I want Warm bodies and the woman in black too!!! I shall buy them when i find my $20 voucher hahahha! so excited to read them~~ over coffee or tea or wine :P


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