Tuesday, 8 March 2016


its like she's the project director then I'm the vice lah then i applied for intern in december then the prof damn late then reply me then by that time no more intern alr mah cus sch started alr then he send me say can give me intern while im in sch then i okay lo the he directed me to someone else. Then after all the hustle its actually a programme in school called DCP - design centric prog so i got in then i started to have lessons on monday and friday 6.30-8.30 but always ends at 9 plus then wed is 6-9pm. But the meetings are supposed to be on wed so means i cmi then she go change the date to monday then i say monday confirm cannot cus i got lecture i cannot dont go then like after going the first lesson i realise wed is like i have lecture until recess week like mid of semester break then after that i can go alr then she say cannot change cus more ppl can make it on monday which does not make sense cus like we told them meetings on wed then like friday also like abt the same amt of ppl can make it cus mon 18 fri 17 then fri she cannot then she say monday meeting. then after that like i helped her do the sports day man board and stuff like draw and all then like left the painting then she came then she down there the guy why dont look like life size one can redraw then i like wtf. Then in the end never lah but still? then paint that time she do damn bloody slow and she dont even know how to mix beige she mix brown then tell me body builders this colour it was fucking shit colour. Then i need help her mix then after that she paint that time she down there on must keep repainting the same spot bloody waste my time like seriously its not paper its those abit waterproff but can still paint and draw board those kind cannot keep repainting one if not will become white like the paint wont stay. then cus the girl i drew looked nicer then she want to paint that one then take pic and shit and stuff like she draw one then i like whatever lo
then after that she say what since i cant go meeting then she will get another vice not to replace me but cus i cant go meetings she need ppl to back her like idk she so scared of what. then like drag drag drag then now recently she like oh i appoint another vice. then say we talked it all out hope you unds and shit
if you are unhappy i cant help it but hope you unds
like wtf bitch since when did i have a choice or say you alr did everything
then now she make until i like never do anything then ask me work under another cell
then like i some sai kang is it
then everytime i ask her to let me do sth and stuff she like "oh dont need"
then she will complain say oh i need pay my own sch fees i need to teach 8 tuition classes i got this i got that like i didnt ask you to argue with your parents and shift out wiad cus of your bf and she is fucking rich then like what not like i never offered my help waid and i offered it so many times. then she just oh if i need ill say.
since when man did she say anything
then i do grant proposals she also want to check like seriously
idk what she want and she like fucking rude these days
 then she ask me do infopaper - some thingy to write up when you are organising a camp then alll teh stuff we discussed all with her then she expect me to write like from what memory arh or air then she say meet and do end up only i doing she sit there do her proj then i like wtf
fucking annoying idk wtf she wants man
and like cus lisa is like my sec/jc/uni friend she got diagnosed with anxiety issues and all lah so she like not joining temporarily and stuff
then idk why she have to always call my friend your best friend lisa
like fucking sarcastic
if not like oh you are seating with your best buddy like wtf you want
then she also sitting with her no voice vpd that wont oppose her de vivek wai do i say you are sitting iwth your pet vivek who agrees to every shit you say? i dont
like damn lame lah the chat is to discuss then she just down there say sth then the guy just oh yes we shld do this then she say sth else then he change his reply to add in what she said
then im just like
this is lame is this fucking communism
then like i have some idea to tie the camp theme and the camp
then she say she will show she never showed it
then make until i like never do shit
then she ask me meet her tmr
like what
why i need my bf to be there
i can fend for myself
forever telling ppl abt her quotes and 'inspirational' vids like those oh if you put in effort then can get some good results shit

"go fuck yourself" -ppnj 2016


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