Monday, 7 March 2016


Haish 2105 finally ended today for mid terms omg like i think i did it correctly? but like terence and dx and wl and ihaa all say diff things then im like... hahah idk shall trust in what i unds unlesssss.... HAHA then ill feel like dying lol. Theres still 3101 tmr omgggggggg but its so late alr:( all thanks to that stupid energy grp i dun get why they wanna talk to the teacher when they cant even decide on what they want like wtf seriously guys then like waste 1/2 plus discussing in the presence of a teacher like wtf assholes no EQ omg. And im famished. hahahah eating the amt i ate in JC. lol. dk if its a wise choice but i've been losing my appetite lately :( haish... xian ballz 
and omg i think yt is in korea alr cus now is march lol fuck is that why he no reply? hmmmm OH LOL never sent -.-ll lame 


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