Friday, 15 April 2016

tired af

Fuggggg damn tired today >. > like totally not enough sleep.... DAMN TIRED. even after napping for an hour, it's still insufficient omg save me T.T

I should be studying like now meow meow meow meow

Meeting was like okay today and all... I guess. Then yy was like hey vivek is doing alot of work and all also so basically her main pt is she told sports club she wants another vpd i guess hahahah then she gonna assign vivek. Yeap. cus i cant go fr meetings and i have class on weekdays till 9 yeap. then she told me no hard feelings and stuff and lets talk and shit but like whats the pt when things are alr decided. like if you wanna let go of things to let other ppl do and you want/like your way so much like no pt saying more then she will be like ya i unds BUT sth sth sth of her opinion then she will say he is not forcing it upon ppl its for the good of the camp then like okay lo cus reason is always by her side anyway.


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