Monday, 11 May 2015

#Day 2 in taiwan

Our favourite necklace and ring shop ^^ and even the shop beside has the name called the three friends HAHAHA its like made for us :)


HELLO KITTY CAFE <3 with fat and rude kittys :( cus they like shouted at us for opening the door cus they havent reached their opening time and we wanted to ask if we could sit inside to wait damn lame we were like 10 mins early so we walked around and sawwwwwww

pretty flowers


some random nice spot that I took a pic at 

and more random pretty spots <3

FINALLY in the cafe and taking picture of everything cus I LOVE HELLO KITTY <3 MUAKS 

The 2 slices of duck, salad, deserts and drinks 

this does not taste good it tastes like medicine ew. 

hello kitty pizza!!! But the taste is like soso the pizza is so chewy and its not eve warm >< well it just looks cute but what can you expect from themed cafes well it just looks good and the food sucks 
BUT at least its edible :)

WANG EANG HOTEL?! seen on the way to find the yummy street side wine jelly that we didnt manage to find :(


THIS IS GOOD lu rou fan but damn ex cus its some tourist shop abit pricey but it tastes good and they sell the sauce as well <3

rao he ye shi!

NOMMMM JUICY AND NICE <3 it tastes fresh with juice oozing out when you bite it :)

Spoils for the day for the 3 of us after going to wu fen HAHAHHAHAHA

MY FAVOURITE FOOD I ALWAYS BUY WHEN I SEE IT its peanut ice cream wrap that has candy peanut thingy that is shaved, so its crunchy and sweet and the candy is good it doesn't stick to your teeth and the penut is fresh <3 the ice cream is like milkish and it melts in your mouth its also very very soft! they add coriander leaf in as well that tastes suprisingly well with the peanut candy and ice cream along with the thin wrap :) A MUST EAT


THIS IS GOOD PIGS BLOOD they gave damn alot of it! even though its cold cus there wasn't space there and I brought it all the way back, IT STILL TASTES GOOD

SOTONG NOM just tastes like juicy sotong and its cold :(


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