Sunday, 11 January 2015


Gamer for cats musical today!!!  WHOOTS!  Before the musical Lisa and I were like some hungry pigs hahaha!! Thinking of how to sneak food in (^◇^;)
Then we bought chips a drink and eclares!!!!!!!!!!!  

I never knew eclares were supposed to be so huge O.O I thought they were small and tiny... But it's damn good!!! XD the choco isn't hard and frozen but it didn't exactly melt and the crust is soft yet slightly crisp on the outside and the filling is so fluffy... It tastes like heaven~~ 

Then we went for the musical!!!! It's damn good!!!! The choreo is impressive then besides good singing there's also tap dancing and 'magic' show acrobats and the casts interacting with the audiences too!!! It's damn nice!!!! XD and oh at first I thought memory wasn't well sang but I was so impressed when it was sung again in the second half after the interval!!! It finally sounded like what I would expect it to be like and even better!! So happy!!! (≧∇≦) I finally got to watch the musical I've been wanting to watch!! Whoots!!! 


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