Tuesday, 20 January 2015

20 jannnnnnnnnn Mum's Birthday~~~

NIKE like a furball~~~~

Cuz I'm wearing a pink sweater and as ya know if a girl wears a sweater shes wearing her underwear below only.. Lol idk why I said that but yeap. LOL.
Its pink!!! ^^ so pretty~~~~~~

I kind of kenna forced to eat Iiao Iiao today... super ex and not that amazing a yoghurt to me for me to pay that kind of insane price. Like. NO. LOL. I dun have such an expensive appetite.... -.-;

Ended school so late..... COuldnt get mum anything for her birthday.... :( T.T sadded. got her a cake though and she likes the cake! Yippie!! XD Her prezzie will come later! >.<

Quote of the day. . . HAHAHAHHA Cus I'm an emo girl. 


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