Saturday, 21 February 2015

3rd day of new year???... Hmm.. Haha

Everyone woke up so early this morning xia so many ppl was awake and I'm like there Huh why is everyone up and doing stuff alr like I just woke up from sleep man... 

Time to get ino the study groove again and be a mugger :( there there that's what you do when you have no one to go out with :( loner only 

Plating my porridge o(`ω´ )o
Damn long never eat abalone!! But the abalone so salty I like 貴妃鮑 more... HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA :p 

This is mum's style of plating her porridge 

I pressed the abalone down and it looks like a bowl made of abalone in the porridge with bakwa inside so CUTEEEE )^o^(


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