Saturday, 28 February 2015

Rns talk

Yeap mah look for the day HAHAHAHAHA

Since how long??? Have I not woken up early in the morning at 6.... But have to wake up early for rns talk... Need to go and help... LOL go there and see if I spot any hot guys ε-(´∀`; )

So we helped set up the stuff that we fixed then dismantled like lol make up ur mind then put up the posters and we had to talk to ppl. 

Then when we were sitted for the talk there was this guy Bryan who sat beside me. He says he's from innova pcme h1 e. Quite nice to talk to like Rayner like that hahahhaah same wavelength then kx started making fun say Bryan is the only one smiling so happily berni shang (−_−#) like no Idw just made a friend only dun like this then kx say he need attract the guy beside him LOL he's target damn funny xia HAHAHAHA σ(^_^;) 

Then after that was lunch and staying back dk for what then we went home. 

Oh and prof wang damn funny he like so excited to see me and still shake my hand and stuff then like so happy hahaha!! Maybe I got he's 家鄉 feel.. Hahaha!! Cus he's from Hk and I'm like from there too like my greatgrandparents are hong kongers and they came here to live so my grandparents parents and me are locals in Singapore but yea all our extended family are there which we lost contact alr as I have mentioned before in one of my posts during cny. Yeap! Hahah. Then he keeps thinking that I said a speech to ask ppl to stand and move that's Li xin's speech and not mine and honestly that's speech is taken off the internet. LOLz. Si Xian used it before. And I saw it online before. Lol. 

Okay moving otw home lol these two guys from rns talk. TSK. He say I confirm a lot of piercings Cus I know so many martial arts then I'm like Yeap see then the other guy asked how many piercings I have then I'm like 7. Then the guy say she confirm got ppl outside calling her 大姐的 在外面混的. WTS I LOOK LIKE GANGSTER MEH TSK. Haish. 

Then went to sk with Wei Xian Cus he still need bai nian damn funny bai from 初一 all the way until he can't even remember what he did then ended up sleeping in the library for a while he looked damn tired then he keep saying old alr can feel it in my bones damn funny. He look so young lor got baby face like Zhan Yao. Zhan yao's baby face is like Waa pro level. Look like my younger bro xia. I think I look older lo. 

Then walk home!!!!!! In this kind of weather... Hot die 

Then go home so shag then I slept and did like 5% work maybe? Lol. Wasted day. 


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