Saturday, 28 February 2015


Awwww so cute. Yeap!! I'll continue believing in magic. Even though life has its ups and downs and reality is harsh, societies a bitch, people are fake, souls are crushed, I'll continue believeing in how my own fairytale would exist and I'll one day have my happily ever after. I don't choose to believe because I'm such an optimist or Cus im naive and gullible. I choose to believe because I still see the good in people. Sometimes letting go and learning to forgive, accept and understand helps you grow as a person and makes you a better person in the world. We should stop asking what others can offer us but what can we offer the world. People are always mean many will hate you for nothing and tons will love you. But only those who are there for you when you cry are the ones worth keeping. 

Love and live life!!! Don't just exist and find your key to create your own fairytale!! 
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