Monday, 16 February 2015


Looking shocked and stuff HAHAHAHAHHA snapchat to my fishy <3 who's my fishy?? Hmm dun tell yall :p and give yall one tip my fishy's diff gender firm me HAHAHAHHAH  

That's how I normally look when I'm expressionless HAHAHHAHH I think idk lol I can't see my face and then again I'm bored so I take selfies Cus I put orange lipstick AGAIN HAHAHAHHA 


Lisa secretly took Angie's photo><
Lisa and Angie were like talking abt sex in front of Shaun and Shaun was like what I'm judging yall damn funny HAHAHAHAHA (^O^☆♪
Both pouting Cus there's Eg lect but then again... What is eg???? We just meet to talk guys what? What lecture????? HAHAHAHAHAHA
We look alike xia 

Lisa asked what's my ideal like HAHAHAHA wang da dong!!!! XD my idol 


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