Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Going to reunion dinner with my dad's godparents~~~ stoning in the car 

LOVE THE BABY BREATH GUYS BABY BREATH BABY BREATH I LOVE BABY BREATH MY FAVOURITE FLOWER Cus I think I want to be a baby breath too small unknown yet pretty always bringing the best out of people. That's what I want to be to. <3 baby breaths~~

Taking a selfie of my #ootd Hahhaha! HSIRR SO COOL RIGHT come guys agree XD Jiaqi say I got rocker feel HAHAHHAHAHA okay I find a drum set and play drums now V(^_^)V

Aftermath of the steamboat 

LOVIN THE PUNS CUS THEY ARE DAMN FUNNY IMPASTAAAAAAA HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH oh weixian follows the same pun dude on Twitter too! Hahahaha! So qiao he likes puns too (^-^)/

Fireworks so pwweeeetttyyyyyyt <3 good view too says many~~~


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