Sunday, 1 March 2015

Day 0 - preparation for battle HAHAHAH lol

Idk why I got cut lol. 

Today was a productive day! Studies jap, settled my speech and read up abit on math.... Hope I can conquer the qns tmr!!  And make prof chew happy (*^◯^*) he's so cute xia like a grandpa such a warm and friendly prof.. Hahahah I want a family like this too... Haha. 

Anyways I tried to bleach my hair AGAIN. To make the brown lighter and Yeap it's the satisfactory colour now! I shall take a selfie and upload it tmr~~~ mows too dark lol. And Yeap it's time to sleep so night night!! Sweet dreams~~ don't let the bed bugs bite~ ^_−☆


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