Monday, 2 March 2015


Lol I always go jap class with my friend Cus we same lect and tuts only 1 tut diff 2 same then got one of he's classmates from the jap tut ask him like if I'm he's gf lol damn is that why no one from hap class will approach me TSK ヽ(´o`;
joking joking HAHAHAHHA Haish lol 

It's gonna be awkz... {(-_-)} 

SOBSSSSSSSSSSS haish. Lol. I abt do math. Tsk. Haish... Only can do 6/10 qns when everyone can do like 10/10 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

I'm depressed and sad now... Haish... Then i was like gonna solve another one and it's like times up lol I'm a sad girl now lol. 

And I have to walk to the mrt alone and go home alone :( why no one stay sk? Haish. Xianz. 

Need to go home and prepare my speech and study for jap quiz... And maybe do some math tooo m(_ _)m

I need to pee lolz urgent. 


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