Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Swimming round 2

I had math consultation in the morning and rushed some of my work before I met Jiaqi at hougang mall...

So pretty~~~


At macs with my sis o(^▽^)o
We went hougang so that we can swim~~~~ BUT it was raining then we had to ask the person at the swimming complex if the lightning alert was on then the person was like "no no no you can't swim now. now lighting alert" damn funny xia the person say until like some bimbo Οƒ^_^; and like maybe idk that's why I'm calling???? Then after that have to call back every half an hour so we decided to shop around and we went... ARCADE 

Timezone hahhahaha 
Act 一個 (-。-;

Then we played some motorcycle racing game SO FUNNNNNNNNNN 
Then some zombie piu piu ηš„ shooting game. 
While we were abt to go home then the person said lightning alert is off so we went to swim!!! Then after we changed we saw like ppl coming out and we were like whatttttt wtsssss but it turned out it was cus their lesson ended so ppl were leaving LOL then the pool was so empty like it's ours o(^▽^)o

I STILL CANT BREATHE AND SWIM WHAT BULLSHIT IS THIS me no swim no swimming talent LOL Haish okay lah now can move 3/4 strokes and breath and continue but Jiaqi say cannot like that Max 2 if not my brain have not enough oxygen and I'll pass out 

Then we bathed and went home and I continued studying and I shall nap awhile now... Till 7? Yeap then study study study 


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