Saturday, 14 March 2015

nus open day 2015~~~

Cus pd cell has only 2 ppl and finance cell has only 2 ppl but only 1 finance member present so we take tgt (⌒-⌒; )
#nussportscamp2015 ocomm

the open hse theme is so cute! Cus our camp is survival themed!!! so we are all like tribal ppl giving out flyers and stuff Hahahah!! so fun! ^^ and I saw Alex and Xu Kai!!!! so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FAMILIAR FACES and damn long never see them!!! 
then my jc friends damn funny lor like one is Alex the other is Xu Kai then Alex like Eh Bernadette!! got new bf right!! never Intro! then I'm like I don't have bf!! then he say new one right!! Intro Intro! then I like dun have!! no more! mei you! then he Huh?! I though they say you have? then I like no more alr lah! then Alex like why?! then Xu Kai like dun like that lah! Haiyo! then Xu Kai say I thought I saw you and your boyfriend at amk playing pool? then I like but I never go amk play pool who you see xia? then Alex like its okay he always see wrong ppl then go hit Xu Kai damn funny hahah! then keep bumping into Alex and Xu Kai like 3 times damn funny then Alex like are you stalking me?! HAHAHAHAHAH so funny xia! he still the same then he like is the camp very lub sub then Xu Kai like how can you ask that Alex!!! damn funny (≧∇≦)

then I saw my royce and he's classmates lol damn awkz they like behind us then I didn't know Cus they at bing bing there outside then we at the steps infront of ut green then we stay there damn long also then I like oh shit awkz 

then I saw Guo dong also ( ̄^ ̄)ゞgive me the awkz and dao face TSK BITCH. Cheh. 

then I went home like this! too tired to even talk to ppl or stay for dinner just went home and bath and knocked out... g

oh then before all the fun I had programming mid terms Haish dk correct or not but can do lah.. Hope all is well....
 ( T_T)\(^-^ )


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