Thursday, 12 March 2015


idk what I'm doing. lol. 

the red coloured one on the top right the blue and purple hair on the bottom right the bottom middle all white one the wedding dress one and the pink kimono one 
oh then I bought a snow miku costume usd55.10 lol. impulsive buy. but my hairrrr need to dye it when I cosplay with chalk? HAHAHAHAHHA see how 
can't wait to cosplay! >< I wanted to do it since like sec sch lol. 
hopefully I can find the cosplay shop and cheap cloth as I found online >< I shall sew my own kimono but... need sewing machine :( if not must hand sew :(
totally addicted to hatsune miku's world is mine the lyrics damn cute! hahahahahah falling into the vocaloid trap....

wearing my kimono at home... the kimono is so pretty~~~ form the pic only. 

the tomato is so big 


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