Sunday, 8 March 2015

Lolololol gong liao

I wanted to wash my banana but instead, I washed my apple. 
Wait what. I mean I wanted to wash my apple but I washed my banana instead. LOL. I even typed it wrongly what.

Hair nice so take the same shot so many times Cus it's nice and I'm happy so I take pic 

Dyed it blueeeeeeeeee (*^◯^*)
Mermaid colour~~~ I want to be a mermaid lol but I'm scared of the water help anyone? 

I pierced my belly lol. So scary. The person kiaps abitof your meat marks the position and just pokes the needle through you lol then you can feel the needle going through your meat. Why did I pierce? Idk. I felt sad and depressed. Then i just went to pierce lol. 

My new wallet. So pretty 

Beef lagsagne damn nice 


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