Saturday, 7 March 2015

So long no see my Jiaqi - happiest day so far ^^ during this depressing period

Mermaid??? Jelly fish?????

Cus I look uglier (OvO)
Can ya'll see??? the goggles broke into 2 HAHAHAHHAH damn funny xia 

My snorkeling talent was discovered when we realised that I could swim if I don't breathe so I'll be good at snorkeling but I can't swim... LOL HAISH. Cus if I breathe I sink so idk lol I'm drowning while swimming??? 

And it's so cold there!!!! We turned purple... :( cold :( Haish then we played te slides!!! So fun the straight ones were fine but the last twisty one was like a roller coaster so scary yet fun!! It's thrilling hahah!!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Then we bathed tgt LOL 

Then we went 7/11 and bought apple and pear cider Cus Jia Qi wants to drink lol and chips! 

The pear cider like not bad Hahha! After some time then apple cider is always sweet (^ー^)ノ -likes apple more though-


First stop 
"Can my ass fit the see saw? EH CAN LEH LETS PLAY" - says me 
"HAHAHAAHAH!!!" - Jiaqi 

Stop 2 
"What's this xia?" "Dk leh just play only"
"Come let's take picture" -smilesssss-

Stop 3 
"This is easy"
"Faster!!! My hands shaking!!!"

Stop 4

"I can't reach the bar help me leh too short (^◇^;)"

"I'm trying alr! Cannot go up lah Max alr" HAHAHAHAAH too cui 


Stop 5 
"DA FLOOR SO HOT FASTER LEH IM BURNING PAIN PAIN" "do again!!!!! I want to take when you are upside down" "... Orh..."

Since Jiaqi took so many random shots let's make a pic instruction on 

How to do a cart wheel

1. Stand there 

2. Get into your awkward preparatory stance to do your cartwheel 

3. Rooooooooo

4. oooooooooo

5. ooooooollllllllllllllllllllllll

6. lllllll and you are done Yeap.


Fashion show in my hse 

Then drinking the stuff and eating chips and watching show and listening to Jia Qi trying to play guitar badly but chotto.... 

-chotto is used as a negative form that sth is bad or you dun want to go somewhere- 

Then we went to jiaqi's hse to get her wallet and stuff before heading out! 
I stole bakwa HAHAHAHAH

Trying to imitate Chen xiang's insta pic
-imagination of the two brains- 

"Eheh come help me take pic of me eating bakwa HAHAHAHAHAHH"
"HAHAHAAHAH okay like Chen Xiang o(^▽^)o"

But Chen Xiang looks better eating he's food HAHAHAHAHA 


Hmmmm an interesting collection of earrings for sale at seletar mall hmmm 

Then mick so weird ask me wear he say looks so funky lol no hor Idw wear that shit TSK 

Dining at Three Tables damn cool it's like jap and Thai and western food all in one shop then it has 3 themes in the shop so it has 3 diff decorated segments and even the tables and chairs are of different designs according to the setting so cool AND THE FOOD IS DAMN NICE AND CHEAP from dk what time to 5pm students price $5.90-6.90 and additional $1 for a drink either ice Ocha or ice lemon tea. 
The food is good 
My ice lemon tea like campuflaged with the table (⌒-⌒; )

Coping Chen Xiang's eat food pic again but still only he can pull it off 

OUR CHILDHOOD we loved plasters lol. We always buy plasters from the bookshop to collect lol. 

The very cool real bag that looks fake!!! WE FOUND IT 

After walking at seletar mall we went nex to play arcade and when I played the drum mania v8 my playing was chotto... Haish embarrassing so embarrassed omg

And we saw this 
Soooooooo we decided to take a selfie with themannequin

Ben so mean say she taller but.. Good things come in small packages then he say nice save ( ̄^ ̄)ゞplsssssss TSK HAHAHAHAHAH 

Then watch movie the show damn lame though but funny haha!!! Then I'm so damn tired o my god needs sleep desperately (_ _).。o○


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